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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Photography Update

Two bits of news from the Photography front, a competition and my winter specials:


Holiday Fun: The Ice-Rink!

On a random morning during the holidays my friend Barbara invited us to join her and Ella for a Snowman building competition at the ice-rink... what a brilliant outing! With another friend Angela and her kiddies we {read Barbara} built the snowman... the kids loved it! with a visit from the Easter Bunny and a Mime, Christopher was adamant on returning as soon as possible to get back on the ice.

After the snowman building competition (which we didn't win), the kids had a quick "spin" on the baby ice-rink.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Holiday Fun: Baking Pancakes!

Wow, can't believe how time is flying!  We over the hump of April and hurtling towards May! I'm in serious denial that half this year is almost over. 
I've been really scarce lately setting up my Photography Business AND am still putting the pieces of my To-Do list back together after entertaining the kids for a two week Easter Holiday.

Amongst other things, such as: tent-building in the lounge, shopping excursions, arts 'n crafts, gardening fun and a visit to the ice-rink... we made Pancakes!

We also made Cheese Muffins on a different day, but they got eaten before we could take any Pictures!

More holiday pics to follow soon.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Kids with real paint

We decided to get the kids involved in their own room makeover as part of our a-room-a-month mission.

So this past public holiday we dressed them in old clothes and braved two kiddies with "real" paint and paintbrushes... they had so much fun!


Hopefully we'll be able to make our deadline for the end of the month... so much to do still!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Christopher's Creepy Crawly Critters Celebration

During the months of January and February this year we attended a marathon of 8 kids parties over 7 weekends, ending off with Christopher's 4th Birthday Party.

Long overdue, here are some pics of the days events:

This was my second attempt at baking a birthday cake (the other times I outsourced this task), with the help of my brother, I think it turned out quite OK!

Dad:"The wind keeps on blowing out the candles".  Christopher:"Naughty wind! It's not the wind's Birthday!"

Me and my crazy boy!

To Christopher's and many of the other kiddies delight, Grandpa Kenny managed to find three chameleon's in the southern suburbs and brought them with for the kids to see... we let them go in our garden, and they are living happily in the trees (hopefully munching away at all the flies!)

Sticking to the theme of the party, I whipped up some goodies for the kids to enjoy:
Dirt 'n Slugs (Layered green jelly, chocolate mousse, crushed biscuits & worm sweets)
Caterpillar Treats (grapes on a stick)
Roasted Snails (flings)
Sausage & worms (Vienna sausages with spaghetti)
Ants-on-a-log (banana with peanut butter and raisins)
PopRoach (popcorn with pecan nuts)
Fly Juice (energade cool-drink with raisins)
and a special THANK YOU to my brother Stephan, for making the cupcakes and helping with the cake!

Bradley also organised some "suckers" (ice lollies) for the kids and we got the mandatory water-slide!
Another successful party done and dusted! Thank you to all the family and Christopher's friends for joining in on the celebrations and for giving him such lovely gifts! We are spoilt to have such wonderful people in our lives xx


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